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Our services:
Distribution of printed media

  • daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual publications
  • one-time promotional brochures, catalogues, pamphlets
  • POP stands with sign-up or info cards
  • servicing street boxes, honor boxes, newspaper and magazine racks
  • distribution to retail businesses and any type of specialized locations (schools, medical offices, art galleries, childcare facilities, fitness centers, libraries, etc.)

Need our service?

Give us a call at
(800) 639-9515
  • our average price is $2.25 per location visit
  • placement, removal and moving of street boxes is $7.50 per box
  • recycling of unused materials (returns) is $20 per ton if amount of such materials exceeds 20% of total print run
  • long-term (>30 days) warehouse storage - $25 per month per skid (4'x4'x5')

Trucking services
  • we can provide trucking services to deliver publications from your printer to our warehouse
  • pickup/delivery of your product from/to your office
  • delivery of bulk materials to various special events - exhibitions, conferences, outdoor events, charity events
  • pricing on "per event" basis dependent on mileage, amount of load, special instructions. Average price is $200/hr, includes one 20' box truck and 2 men.

Target market analysis and development

  • development of target market for your publication based on your set of criteria - income, population, age, ethnicity, occupation profile, etc.
  • analysis and design of complete distribution model for the best market exposure: number of copies needed, number of distribution locations, frequency of distribution, potential need for re-fills, type of displays needed, etc.
  • first 2 hours of above services are free; $65 per hour thereafter
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